Tutorial coming soon!

23 01 2009

Well sorry for my late update. This time of year is a killer as those of you in the industry can attest to. Promo here, promo there. Intro here, intro there. I’ve spent the most part of my last weeks either drunk from work functions or colour grading. Yes, the most asked about thing in the world. How to make things look cool colour wise.

There are many many techniques used to colour grade from compositioning modes, presets, AE effects and plug-ins. We have all used the Magic Bullet looks suite from my friends at Reg Giant software to death. Having done so, all of our work looks the same. Now, I am a massive fan of MBL but I do like to have my own creative touch on a project that others may not be able to replicate.

Not many people think of using effects like glow etc to colour grade. Most people use this effect just to apply a glow; who would have thought that! However, effects like glow can also give you the control to effect certain thresholds of a clip, whilst applying a colour grade.

Glow is just the beginning. I will in the coming days post a written tutorial on colour grading. How to achieve certain looks whilst opening your eyes to other possible techniques that you too can apply to create a distinctive unique look.

Stay tuned.




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