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25 01 2009

I thought I’d make a small update and provide you all with a list of websites that I regularly look over. Motion graphics is a busy business. I say this because ideas are endless. Approaches to create those ideas are even more endless. Thus, someone in this industry MUST surround themselves with ideas from all angles. It is very easy to become used to your own style. Although having a style of your own is important it becomes static and plain after time. To combat this, looking at other pieces of work will help you to reach for new levels and possibly open you to tweaking your own set ways.

Aside from different styles there are other websites and/or people that you MUST rely on at different stages. Sometimes you will create a 3D model and need to texture it, however, going out and capturing your own concrete texture is a massive waste of time. Thus, resource sites/people are a kin to saving time also.

Below is a list of sites that I frequent daily. These sites I use for new ideas, different creative processes or for resources like backgrounds, textures or creative design elements. The list could literally go on and on, however, these sites are either free or affordable and therefore offer me more than the tones of other sites that exists.

Videoopilot is known all too well across the industry. The sites host, Andrew Kramer, has been leading the way in online tutorials for After Effects (his work has dabbled in c4d, 3ds max, blender and vegas). His work can been seen from movies to TV shows to nearly every amateur made video reel.

Andrew and Videocopilot offer extremely affordable design tools ranging from deisgn elements to creative music scores.  These tools everyone must have. Even the most avid of motion graphics artists will have to admit that they too have some of his products at their disposal. They are so easy to use and customise. They are brilliantly made and at an awesome price.

To couple with their products Andrew also hosts probably the most expansive tutorial collection available on the net; all for FREE. His work ranges from text animation, to particles, to 3d and motion tracking. There is almost no subject that these people do not cover. They have set the bar high and made it almost impossible for anyone to follow as they have it all covered. In addition to this they have a fantastic forum where many motion graphics artists meet square on with the newcomers and discuss ideas, looks and processes. I have been an active member on these forums for some time now and have been able to help a ton of people in all their work whilst getting the odd inspiration seen from work of others. This site is a must see and a must bookmark!

This site is hosted by Jerzy Drozda Jr (aka maltaannon) who hails from Poland. This guy knows his stuff. He offers some great in depth tutorials on his site. You may ask yourself, “Why would I click this link if VideoCopilot offers nearly everything you need?”. The answer is simple. Jerzy does it in a different way. Andrew’s tutorial style is brilliant and entertaining, however, he does his tutorials i n a jovial style and tries to stray away from the brain hammering tasks of expressions.
Jerzy on the other hand is very in depth. Sure his tutorials at times cross the faded lines of other tutorials available but Jerzy opens you mind to clean work flows by using expressions powered techniques. The way Jerzy introduces you to expressions isn’t as daunting as other sites make it. He explains every line he types in a clear way that you find yourself learning without knowing. His work is very clean and gets fantastic results. Jerzy is the author of Making It Look Great 5 (of which I am a customer) where he shows you an amazing array of skills and techniques.

Motionworks is hosted by Australian John Dickinson. He is very highly regarded in the world of motion graphics. He too uses tutorials as a base of his site but offers fantastic products. The thing that sets John apart from the rest is his detail. I am yet to find a better online trainer is this industry. John shows you how to create a look, and then shows you another way. John also provides great small tips to help you along the way.

This site lives in the shadow and style of VideoCopilot. It is hosted by Shoaib Khan of London. Although instantly it smells of VideoCopilot, Shoaib has managed to set himself apart by providing very different content. His 3D work is quite good for a beginner to follow along where he shows you techniques that most other sites ignore. His tutorial style is simple and detailed in explaining. He leaves no stone unturned. Upon seeing his content yoy may fall into the trap of, “I don’t really want to learn how to create that design”. You first mistake. With MaxAfter I have learned to ignore the result.

Watch his tutorials for the content and the technique/procedure. Although you may have no use for his design the techniques you will learn along the way are trully unique. Watch every single tutorial he has and you will have amassed a nest of techniques to apply to your own projects.

This site is resouceful. I use this site all the time when creating 3D projects. This site has a massive cache of texture content. The range is incredible. In addition to the basic textures that it offers it also offers the bump and colour textures that all other sites seem to ignore. These added textures are what makes a texture POP. They simply can’t be ignored. Next time you are creating a 3D concrete wall try out this site and be amazed at the realism you can acheive.

I could simply go on for days linking you to great sites like Creative Cow or AETuts which offer brilliant tutorials and resources. However, this isn’t the intention of this blog. Which brings me to my final resource link…

I have set up a Link Exchange with Topher the sites host. This site is complete although new. This site offers you the complete list of resources that you could want. I simply can’t believe that someone hasn’t thought of this before. Every blog known to man has a little post about their resource links (oh shit now mine does too), but no one has taken the time to compile a list of them all and update them as they update.  You will find new content almost daily on this site and along with the fore-mentioned this site is a MUST bookmark.

In future you will find my tutorials posted on this site to add to the growing cache of resources that it manages. I look forward to making some great tutorials and guides for all to see and will be a key to all looking for that help and/or edge.

To this end I must add that there are so many other sites to draw inspiration from. Inspiration is one of those intangible resources that doesn’t show you how to create a look, it only shows you what can be done. When you have a spare moment search Vimeo, Youtube and others and bookmark anything you see that makes you go “hmmm”. Re-create it and learn some new techniques all on your own through the most powerful of tutorials, “Trial and Error”.

I will constantly update any sites that I find myself using on a daily basis, to the right on this blog in the Links column.




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25 01 2009

Thanks for sharing your list of resources. Some very useful links. Looking forward to more posts on your blog.


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