Quick Tip #1

28 01 2009

For my first “Quick Tip” installment I am going to cheat. In fact, I have never intended to do quick tips but I saw two tutorials lately that used similar effects by using a different set of tools. I see this a lot on the net and if only someone would point out that “hey if you put them both together it would save time or look cool” I would at least be happy. So a few days ago I saw a great new preset made by the enigmatic Andrew Kramer at VideoCopilot (I have linked him to the right) called 3D Falloff. In a nutshell (refraining from any Austin Powers jokes here) it allows you to control the blur and opacity (with colour) of a 3d object in relation to the camera’s postion. Damn cool!

Now, Andrew made an intricate scene to show off his great preset (I was still happy at this stage). Today, however, I was watching another great tutorial over at www.AETuts.com by Lloyd Alvarez which complies a great cinematic opening title made from 3D text layers and crescendos (I found this link at out friends www.visualfxtuts.com).

See where I am going with this yet?

Now Lloyd’s tutorial is nothing less than incredible. It really goes into detail about expressions and slider controls etc. Also he shows you the power of using scripts (which not many people do) to arrange layers in 3D space and automatically convert text from notepad to individual layers (his great title scene shows why this will be helpful).

This is where I thought of this tip (a.k.a cheat). Once you have watched both tutorials (I suggest you watch Lloyd’s first to get the expressions knowledge first) you will see the power of using Andrew’s 3D Falloff preset. His preset will allow you to control the colour/opacity/blur of all layers instead of the lengthy expressions process that Lloyd explains.

1: Lloyd’s Tutorial at AeTuts

2: Andrew’s 3D Falloff Preset Tutrorial

Watch both (Lloyd’s first) and then you will realise what I’ve been trying to verbalise here šŸ™‚




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