Quick Tip #2

28 01 2009

Well well well. One day after saying I didn’t intend on doing a “quick tips” segment, here we are. Lately my favourite forum has been inundated with gamer “movie makers”. I despise them. Why? Because that is where I started. Making some fun films in CS and DoD. After one day at University I learnt to forget everything that sheltered bunch thought (or invented) was true. The cackle they dribble and the conclusions they derive from the stench is beyond me. I wish to debunk these myths with this post!

It all began one summers day…..

No really, it all began when a gamer made a movie and someone watched it. Then someone tried to outdo that first gamer and two people watched his movie. And so it went on. A lovely little story really until we reach the penultimate stage of today. The conclusions drawn by this mislead cluster is the victim of Chinese whispers and a sense on Internet competition.

One guy makes a movie and adjusts the HSL settings, so the next guys tweaks the HSL and Levels settings. My upcoming tutorial will cover colour grading in more depth; and properly and professionally – NO MYTHS!. Anyway, you can see how this spirals. Today we now have an “A Class” group of “movie makers”. They decide what effects to use and why. Why do they? Because they say they do.

Ok now I am morphing into a bizarre mix of a counter strike terrorist and one of those pixie things the hopeful play with in wow. Back to debunking the myths.

  1. What FPS amount should I record at?

This one is a classic. In the beginning of time it started as a simple 30 FPS (default by nature). Once the Chinese came in whispering their evil words it has amalgamated into a slush of 270-400 FPS. Crazy talk you say? It’s true I say. Now I can understand that, YES, recording at a high frame rate does in fact give you a somewhat “60i” feel when recording from a game. However, no computer gamer can possibly change human genetics. The human eye views things at approx 30 FPS. Squeezing 300 FPS down ten times will not change that I can promise you. All you achieve is destroying your hard drive space and the little time you have left on this great Earth of ours (if that is a concern to you all).

Now to answer me initial rhetorical question; record at 90 FPS. This will allow you to squeeze your frame down by 3 for a crisp look whilst saving your life. If you want to be extreme then go to 120. There is no need to go “omg newbs roflmao, i lik fully recorded @ 400FPS plz s2 me”. My point is now clear.

2. How do I make my colours look nice?

Simple answer. Wait for my upcoming tutorial.

3. Will making ‘awesome’ game movies mean I can get into the VFX business?


4. What if I submit it they will love my 400FPS?

Stop talking.

5. What resolution should I record at?

Which ever is closest to your final output; ALWAYS. Sure a high res is great but if you are looking for a nice look, recording at a higher res won’t change the look. I promise. A high res will only allow a zoom in to look crisp. That is the only difference.

To this end I will make a short video in the upcoming days to prove my points. I will show the difference, or lack thereof, between the different frame rates and resolutions. The colour whisper I will tackle in the upcoming tutorial due out eventually.





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