2 02 2009

Just a quick update in regards to the two tutorials I have mentioned in earlier posts (well one tutorial and one mythbusting episode).

My microphone has gone on the blink and has a crazy amount of static; ear blowing. I actually recorded the colour correcting tutorial (the original idea was to do a written tutorial but I personally feel you learn more by watching the process and hearing how I come to certain conclusions) but upon playback my ear drums divorced me.

Luckily I do have some good news. My ear drums and I are now happily together once again and on the roam for a new microphone. I should be able to pick one up this week or next; work pending. The tutorial will be out a further week after the microphone is purchased. Watch this space.

The mythbusting episode I am tossing up between either just releasing a short vid showing the lack of difference between the myths or a vid with my narrating. If I go with the first option then it will be online before week’s end otherwise it will be out shortly after the colour correcting tutorial.

Another thing I learnt during my recuperation was:

“Foxtel is a supplier of channels. They don’t do their own production work……. Because they all supply channels, they don’t make them. Idiot.”

You learn something new everyday people. For all of you with a brain, however, be sure to check out John Dickinson’s page (linked to the right, Motionworks) and his great ideas and his fantastic job opportunity to work with Foxtel. Someone should really tell that talented man to quit lying 🙂




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