FPS Myth Busting

6 02 2009


Finally I have recorded the myth busting episode that I had planned. I didn’t apply any colour treatment to the footage at all. I left it plain and simple to highlight my points of my previous post. The myth was:  Increasing the FPS record rate will give a cleaner and smoother looking result. With this video I am to put this myth to the test and show the results for all to see.

Below is a Vimeo video of five FPS recording rates. I firstly began with 30fps and then finishing up on a high 240 fps.  I assure you all clips were recorded at the titled rate and then rendered at 30 fps (29.97). Although I had stated before that I didn’t think it would make a difference I thought it best to do this myth busting with an open mind. Open to the idea that maybe motion graphics artists should not bother with university or professional experience and instead take up a gaming career. Who would be right?  Click play and form your own opinion.

Ok. Fun video.  As you saw I titled each clip with it’s frame rate and storage waste. Which one looked cleaner?

Hmmm. I think they all looked the same. Why is this? The human eye can see things at 30 fps (ave). Recording at 240-10,000 wil not change that. Myth is now busted. You may all breathe a sigh of relief that the gaming community doesn’t offer a fast track into the industry nor do you all need to waste all of your hard drive space recording these types of movies. My suggestion is to record at 90fps just so you don’t get trouble when time remapping a shot for a nice slow-mo.




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