Update & another Tutorial coming soon!

18 02 2009

Firstly to update you all things have been laggy on my end, I apologise for that. As you might have read or watched in the news lately, terrible fires have been happening in Victoria as of late. I live about 15-20 minutes from one of the fronts.  Although I’m in no danger or risk, I have had to put alot of things on hold as you can imagine. Click HERE if you were born yesterday.

The new microphone has been purchased and I’m hoping (fingers crossed) to release the colour grading tutorial in the next few weeks. Hey it’s free, so don’t push me :).

For keeping you all waiting I thought I might put some thought into a new tutorial, to release shortly after. Something that can be created and used, rather than just a mere colour treatment scheme.

For ever and a day, new people and old alike have been requesting a 3D text shatter effect/tutorial. I for one, am getting slowly suffocated by the requests for it so I thought, “hey I did something like that a while ago”.

In the tutorial I hope to teach you how to create 3D text, texture it, light it, explode it and then composite it in After Effects with design elements and particles as well as a nice time remapping effect and displacement mapping. Try saying all of that 3 times fast! Actually, no don’t.

Below is a clip I did some time ago of the same effect. In the tutorial I will use a different video as the backdrop but still incorporate many of the effects you see there.




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