3D Work

15 07 2009

As I said in my personal welcome back to mysself, I will post some 3D work that I have done recently in my personal time to help brush up on things.

The areas I have covered are wide as my new job requires a full skill set. I include: 3D matching, UVW mapping, baked normals, modelling (both box and spline), texturing, lighting (interior and exterior) as well as some cool shit. Most of the renders are done with vRay (although there might be one scan line 😦 )


My 3D character ‘Umbootoo’. Inspired by Eddie Murphy. Character is fully rigged and animatable. Normals are baked and rendered in vRay with 3 vRay lights.

scorp7A 3D scorpian I hade so I could practise mechanical rigging. vRay materials and a vRay hdr sky map as the only lighting.

ghost_door1This is a simple model. I saw a similar thing done in c4d and thought I’d replicate it. I could. vRay render.

farmA small ‘farm’ of sorts. The grass is just a displacement material as are the weeds on the house exterior. Lighting is vRay Sun with vRay physical camera. All materials UVW mapped and then matched to an image of a field in Italy.


A forum poster on Video Co Pilot wanted to know how to render keys for a keyboard. After not helping him I decided to time myself. Just over four minutes to model the above scene. A few more minutes were taken to light and texture. The final image has DOF applied and a gradient done in Photoshop with colour sampling done by Adobe Kuler (amazing tool [thanks maltannon]).



An overview of my brother’s backyard. He losely modelled it to scale in Sketchup. I then grabbed his file and exported the .OBJ into 3DS Max. I spent some time fixing up his geometry and then texuring it in total UVW Map. Finally a direct light was added with vRay shadows and renderred (A good result conidering most people would opt for vRay sun). The next few images are the same process but from different angles.



mickhouse_all5abear_glass 2A bear texured with vRay in a glass water look. Caustics are eneabled.

BEAR_GLASS 1Same as above, except with a vRay blue glass applied.

a9 roomA room downloaded from Google and then I added a letter. the Letter was then deformed and debris added with Pflow. Lights added to match the scene as well as placement. Some toouchup work was done in Photoshop.

Thanks for looking at the images. As I said there are a whole heap that I’m not allowed to show. However, this is how I learn and brush up on things. Think of something, find a reference image from Google and then model it. Sometimes I just want to brush up on texturing so I download a model and do it. Practise makes perfect!

On an update note, the second part to my first tutorial is still in the cards for those who have been emailing. I will do it soon; well, eventually. The gallery has also been updated with these new additions.

And, YES, I wil post a video of young Umbootoo going for his first crawl when I get around to animating the rig later on 🙂




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