Some 3D work – Update

29 08 2009

Again, it has been a while since I have made an update to this ‘blog’. I do endeavour to update it more often, however, time constraints amke it difficult. I’ve been flat out in the studio as of late and really haven’t had the time. The tutorials that I have planned are still on the cusp and will be recorded soon; hopefully. At any rate, to wet your taste buds I thought I would make an update with some more 3D work that I have done lately from home. All of my 3D work is modelled in 3DS Max. I render with vRay (pretty much all the time) with a multitude of lighting rigs and render settings. All of my texturing is procedural although some work is unwrapped and painted in Photoshop.

The lighting setups that I have been playing around with mostly recently are vRay Sun, photometric and HDRI. I really like the look that vRay sun can give, however, I really hate the lack of interaction that you have with shadows etc. Photometirc is amazing. It has so many options and is fantastic for any interior scene. HDRI I have been using in my studio setups or for objects like vehicles. It gives such a crisp and realistic end result that can’t be matched with other lighting rigs; in my opinion of course.

Below is a render of  a Bugatti Veyron EB, my dream car. All modelled in 3DS Max. The texuring is done with vRay and lit with one HDRI map to all environment channels.

My basic vRay settings are:

Adaptive subdivision – Mitchell/Netravali

Min rate: -1 Max rate: 2

Linear Multiply. All environment and colour mapping multipliers set to 1.0

Primary: Irrandiance Map 1.0

Seconday: Brute Force 1.0

Irrandiance set to medium with HSph set to 50 and Interp set to 20.

Brute force has 16 sub D and 3 secondary bounces.

Adaptive is 0.85, noise .005, min samples 10 region division 64.



The following is a video break down of the Bugatti render.

(watch in full res. Video size: 12mb)

The following is a character model I made. I didn’t do much work to the hair however I unwrapped the mesh and painted it in Photoshop. Two vRay lights (plane) were added.



Final Render…



What started off to be a model of young Luke Skywalkers home, turned out to be a concrete house in a desert 😛 I liked the result however. Here are two final renders from different angles.




I wil continue to update my work and hopefully add some vRay tutorials in future also. All of these images and videos have been added to the gallery.




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