New Page – Photography Gallery

27 10 2009

Hey all, another short update to this here blog of mine, Again I’ve been rather busy so updates are few and far between, however, hopefully in time I will be able to update a little more often. Which brings me to this current update. I have been a long time photographer so I thought I would post some of my work for you to view.

My body of work varies greatly from whatever technique I’m into at the time. I have some HDR work in amongst my tumbnails as well as B&W; amongst other techniques.

Some of my recent photography was from a recent random drive I took about 2 hours north of Melbourne. The office was so hectic that I decided a mind clearing meaningless drive was in order. I drove up to a little town called Violet Town and started snapping. As you may be able to see the rail way captured me as I captured it. The colour range and natural contrast where stricking as well as the quaintness (is that a word) of the town made for easy shooting. On my way home I visited friends in the fire effected region of Victoria and took shots of the regrowth in these areas whilst there.

I have added a photography gallery tab to the top of screen so feel free to check it out as I update it. Feel free to use any image of mine for your work, however, give credit where credit is due; at very least don’t claim it as your own 😉

The photography gallery can be found here…..  GALLERY

(In addition to the general gallery I have added an animal galler)

I will endeavour to make another update in the coming days, stay tuned 🙂




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