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28 10 2009

So I’ve decided that my links were in need of some serios updating/ I really only want to advertise links that I either check often or find very useful. Having said that, I have removed a few links that I don’t bother checking anymore and added some that should have been there to begin with. Maltaannon, Motionworks, Video Copilot and VisualFXtuts are the sites that have survived my cut whilst adding four new links that are extremely useful.

The four new links that I have added are…..

The site is hosted by Michael Bauer. It is the single most in depth 3D site that I have found to date. He deals with nearly every aspect of 3D in literally hours and hours of FREE training. He covers box modelling from setting up a modelling scene, to creating a low poly model, to refining it to a detailed high poly model and more. Most modelling sites will stop here, however, Bauervision doesn’t. Michael then goes into detail with texturing (UVW mapping, Unwrapping, Photoshop painting etc), animating (creating rigs, IK solves, keyframing, dynamics, morph targets etc) as well as plenty of other more in depth areas of interest. On top of this he has many 3D models and rigs that are free to download for training as well as ‘courses’ that he offers where he will take you step by step through whatever it is you want to create. It trully encompasses everything!

CG Textures

I have used this site for years now. It is a texture site with a difference. The textures are of high quality (often will have many resolutions available for download of the same image) and are free to download. Once upon a time you could download as many as you want, however, lately they have had to restrict the amount people can download. This doesn’t detract from the site as the content is incredible. Their texture categories range from animals to X-ray and absolutely everything in between. Everyone, whether you are a CG artist or 2D artist will find this site useful.


Vray Materials

Another site that I have used and contibuted to for sometime. This site is obviously geared for Vray. It is a community  upheld site where users can add their Vray materials for download. 99% of the materials are of a very high quality and can save you a heap of time. Imagine not having to work out the perfect settings to achieve a Champagne Glass look. With this site you can find nearly any material you could imagine; even a Champagne Glass (and many others).  It is a massive time saver but it is also great for reverse engineering training. If you are wanting to work out how to create some nice materials, simply download a complicated one and look at the settings. In time, you will find that you too can create these materials. Catergories ranging from Architecural to Wood and everything in between. Great site.



This site is hosted by Nick Campbell who currently lives in Chicago and works as a motion designer, photographer, iPhone app designer and educator. His site is extremely unique. In essence it is a blog rather than a site. However, it is comprehensive. Sometimes his posts are as simple as “ideas” or “thoughts” but then he aslo releases tutorials in photography/photoshop, after effects and c4d. We all love a good tutorial but the tutorials is not why I like this site. It is the insight. For anyone looking to get into this industry and even wanting to improve their work then this site will provide the guide. In addition to all of this he has hours of Live streaming that you can either download or log into to ask anything you want and get a direct answer to. Great idea. Is there more? Plenty! The “5 Second Projects” idea has been a hit. Basically Nick comes up with a subject (for example “Fast Food”) and the entrants will make a 5 second peice to reflect the subject. You can enter in order to help you create new thigns for your reel or to simply try out an idea withiut needing to put in hours and hours of work. I could go on for hours describing why you should visit and bookmark this site, but I won’t. Just go there and see for yourself.


This wraps up the new link additions and I hope you all can visit them and find them as useful as I do. In the next few weeks I will do a review of 5 products available online that are a must have. All of these design sites offer free shit, however, they all offer products to purchase. The problem for the general browser is they don’t know if it is worth it or not. I have purchased many so I endeavour to clear the great products from the shit in my next post.




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29 10 2009

Nice site. Will be bookmarking it for future updates


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