A Great Idea

14 11 2009

Over the years we have seen great ideas coming from websites. From AETUTS, offering money for your tutorials to Greyscalegorilla doing the 5 Second projects. Each have their merit and possibilities for those who decide to contribute. Today I saw a new “Great Idea” that could help someone along quite some…

MotionWorks hosted by John Dickinson of Australia has come up with a chance for someone (anyone) to design an opening sequence for his Unplugged series. Sure this isn’t like make the title scene for a major film/tv/ad campaign, however, his site does generate a lot of traffic. Generally, in my experience, his site attracts the good sort of traffic; professionals and clients. By entering this competition, John has vowed to showcase all sequences entered therefore giving you exposure even if your clip isn’t selected. Added to this, you then have a title sequence that you can add to your own demo reel if the quality is good enough. For the winner they will have a link to their site/blog on a regular basis, as well as an interview by John himself. Great opportunity for anyone looking for a leg up, work, clients, material for a reel or exposure.

I wish things like this existed years ago when I was getting into the industry. I made a popular post a week or two ago about the young kiddies making their “OMG TEXT!!!” tutorials. Here is a suggestion… Put down the mouse, the microphone and copy of VCP guide to Success and take this challenge. As I said earlier, everyone who enters gets some good exposure; the good kind. Don’t you think a title piece showcased on a site like MotionWorks would further your ‘career’ more rather than the above tutorial I described? Shit, even if you do it to get more traffic to your site (since I know you are all so concerned with this) then this is the challenge for you.

Here is the link to the details of the great idea HERRREEEE

“Motionworks needs a hot new opening title sequence for Unplugged, our popular motion graphics interview series. We have a cool music track composed by Selcuk Can Guven, and are looking for some cool graphics to match. All entries will be showcased right here on Motionworks and the best of the best will become the new title sequence for Unplugged with a credit and web link at the end of each interview.

The winner will be also be interviewed by me, John Dickinson on Unplugged, giving you the opportunity to introduce yourself and your work to the world. These interviews are seen by thousands of people and this is your chance to get your name out there.”

So out of my lovely online stalkers and big talkers alike… I throw down the challenge.. Who is up for it?




One response

15 12 2009

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