Upcoming Tutorial

17 11 2009

I was asked earlier in the week on here to post a tutorial on my photo adjusting technique/s. Normally I don’t like to make a tutorial that either teaches nothing or teaches something that has been comprehensively covered elsewhere, hence why to date I have only released one. However, I think that going through my process might show many things that you all can use. What I aim to cover? Read on …

Essentially, I want to begin raw. Straight from camera, switch on CamStudio (screen capture software) and then record a tutorial from start to finish. I will show you how I colour adjust a photo, clean up a shot, crop for correct composition and to save some actions that you can apply to your own shots.

You may now be thinking, “Shit, I’ve seen all of that covered in other tutorials!”, and you would be right. However, I think that the design process is more important than the actual buttons I click. Sure, I may show you a way to convert to B&W that you weren’t previously aware of (or something else) but the main thing to watch is a photo from start to finish. You will see me go through a process of working out how I want the photo to be presented and then going about executing it. I think that is will help more than the specific button clicking, as it may help you all see my personal way of designing in order to get a sufficient result.


I hope to record the tutorial and have it available for viewing by this time next week, given that my microphone decides to play along of course. Stay tuned.




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