Tutorial: B&W Explained

29 11 2009

Mentioned in my previous post, I have created a tutorial (of sorts) to try and debunk or clear up the methods involved when giving a photo or footage a black and white treatment. I show you four commonly used methods that I strongly disagree with then show you 3 methods that give you more control and power by being able to retain all the colour information/data.

Not only do I show you the methods, I also show you why. This is the main thing that other videos/posts usually gloss over. Why shouldn’t you just use the desaturate filter? How does your method actually help getting an end result? What things can I do to enhance my black and white image once I have treated it? I explain this and more in the video.

In addition I provide some tips on how to improve your black and white photographs/footage before taking it into photoshop or after effects. Things like, being able to understand tone (the composition of it), lighting, lines and curves, mood etc etc; plus many other short tips.

Once again, in the video I showed a colour improving technique that I used. I used LAB colour mode to boost the colours from a rather dull original. I will in the upcoming weeks release an updated version of the actions that I made available for download not long ago. In this updated version I will include some actions to boost your colours, some actions to set “rule of thirds guides”, some black and white actions and some more as well. In addition to this, I will realse a short “how do I use the actions” video, basically explaining how to install them, use each of them and then finally how to make some of your own. Keep an eye out for this later in the week.




2 responses

30 11 2009

Cool tutorial. I would recommend reducing the size of the embedded video, or providing a link to watch it on the external site.

Youtube or Vimeo work very well for embedding in blogs.

30 11 2009

I used to use Vimeo, however, this is just easier. Only have to maintain one site/blog this way. I record at 800*600, any smaller and it would be hard to know what I am doing. I don’t mind that it blocks the right hand side panel off.

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