Update: New actions soon!

3 12 2009

As promised in my last tutorial, I will soon release an updated version of the Photoshop actions that I released earlier. My previous pack was basically some time-saving actions, however, this time it will contain a lot more; much more.

In this new set, expect three separate action files.

  1. Ghost Digital – General
  2. Ghost Digital – Colour
  3. Ghost Digital – Recovery

In the General pack I have a few time-saving actions. These include, guides for the rule of thirds, triptych layouts, dodge and burn layers etc.

In the Colour pack, well, that is pretty easy to work out. They are a HEAP of colour treatments, all of which are a simple click and go option.

In the Recovery pack I have made some skin softening adjustments, some sharpening adjustments and some contrast adjutsments….and MORE.

In the next few days I will endeavour to make a short introductory video giving you all a basic run down on how to use the actions and what they will achieve.

What is the price for this you ask? $0.00 Australian. All I ask is that you use them at your discretion and possibly make a donation to this blog/site so that I may make more tools and gear for you all to use at this low and non-existent price. Donations can be as little as $0.50, every little bit helps when making things for free 🙂






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