I have been working professionally in the industry for 5 years (approx) and have built up quite a base from AE to 3DS Max and beyond. My professional works has mainly dealt with 2D and 2.5D animation, however, I love to cross the squeaky bridge into the 3D realm as often as I can.

Upon completing my VCE (aka HSC) I discovered a pit of goals I was hiding beneath my lofty expectations of becoming Michael Jordan and Don Juan combined. The goals unearthed an urge to create flow, design and emotion. Emotion is what drives me to create. It encompasses everything from hate to love and beyond. To create this and effect a viewer is a constant challenge that I can never quite reach; hence my proverbial carrot and my continuing drive and urge for knowledge.


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23 01 2009
Topher Welsh

Hey I was wondering if you would be interested in a Link Exchange, I could post your tutorials on my site as you make them, getting you some more exposure!

email me back at welshcs@gmail.com

25 01 2009

Done and Done. Well… done soon anyway 😛

29 01 2009

Wow, for a graphics artist thats sure making me look stupid right about now.

11 02 2009

Ah ease up. You don’t look that bad.

16 03 2009

Great site. I’m really enjoying your posts. Feel free to link to my site on the art and business of broadcast design.



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