Update: Back into it!

7 01 2010

I have had a small hiatus over the Christmas and new year period, but now I am back. In the next few months I will release the updated version of my Photoshop Actions! Shortly after I have some great 3D and Photoshop tutorials coming your way. Also in 2010, I will have periodic posts relating to sales. It will be general in nature so that the principles can be applied to all areas of design or photography businesses.

I would also like to thank the customers that have put the re-touching and adjusting service to regular use over the holiday period. I know you are all very happy with the results. You have all helped me to go past 200 clients and well on the way to 300! In the short period of time that this service has been available, 200 is a fantastic result! Thankyou.


Merry Christmas

25 12 2009

Merry Christmas to you all and a safe and happy new year. To my many customers and visitors alike, 2009 has been a blast yet I’m sure 2010 will bring many more adventures and challenges. The only real challenge is that we enjoy the road ahead and let it make us grow in our work, passions and within ourselves.

Update: New actions soon!

3 12 2009

As promised in my last tutorial, I will soon release an updated version of the Photoshop actions that I released earlier. My previous pack was basically some time-saving actions, however, this time it will contain a lot more; much more.

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A contemplation….

29 11 2009

Find Ghost Digital on Facebook

20 11 2009

Today I also got Ghost Digital active on Facebook. I have added the button to the right hand side for future reference. I won’t make one for Twitter as I don’t follow that ‘Celebrity made fad’. And Ghost Digital on your Facebook, as I will often post tidbits that I won’t see a need for an entire post on here. Often I will find videos, images or articles that interest me or educated me further. I also will add small resources/quick tips for Facebook only. Eventually I will add them here also, however, be first and get the information on Facebook!

New Products and services!

20 11 2009

Due to popular demand I now have one product and one service to provide! Many people have asked me about the Ghost Digital logo and wondering if I could provide it on clothing. After some deliberations, I have found a provider and the results are amazing. More about that soon!

The most exciting news is the new service that I am providing. It is a photo adjusting and re-touching service. What does it involve? How much? What will I do? How much does it cost? It is all covered. Click more to find out more! Read the rest of this entry »


19 11 2009

Over the past few weeks I have had an influx of emails and private messages asking in general about how to attract clients, manage business relationships, presentation techniques, closing strategies. These questions have come from freelancers and people starting out (or wanting to) in a small business. I truly believe that every business is sales; no matter what. At the end of it all, we are selling something and the design industry is no exception. So my question to all of you… Would you like me to make some posts/podcasts (etc) going over sales techniques?? I worked as a marketing consultant for sometime while I was freelancing and I have a pile of resources at my disposal that could help give you that edge. Comment away my friends, and I will endevour to share these resources as well as my own knowledge on sales and the techniques within.